What To Do If Your Doctor Won’t Give You An Emotional Support Animal Certificate


Getting an emotional support animal isn’t always easy. In some rare cases, your medical professional may be hesitant to give you emotional support animal certification because they do not think that you qualify. In addition, it could also be that they do not believe in the practice of emotional support animals. Regardless of the reason, the good news is that you have other avenues that will allow you to get the support animal that you need to help you with your mental condition or your emotional state. Below are the other options that you have.

Seek Another Therapist

emotional support animal certificationYour first option is to seek another therapist. Just because you have a doctor that regularly checks your health and assesses your mental condition, it does not mean that you can’t go to another doctor to do another assessment for an emotional support animal. There are many medical professionals out there that believe in the practice and that are able to provide you with the letter and the assessment so that you can get your support animal. In addition, if your doctor doesn’t recognize that you require a support animal, then it may just be the case that your doctor isn’t very good at noticing your needs.

Check Online

The next option is to check online. There are many online institutions that will require to go through online mental health assessments. Once the mental health assessment is completed, they will issue a diagnosis. If the diagnosis comes out as positive, then you will be scheduled to have online sessions with a therapist. The therapist will be able to continue discussing the issue of the support animal with you. After the online sessions are completed, you will be issued your certification and letter. These items will allow you to go to a provider of support animals and get the animal of your choice.

Why You Need Certification

Getting certification for your support animal is extremely important. The certification enables you to keep your support animal in your apartment complex, to take it onto public transportation, and even to take your animal on a plane with you. You also should be aware that you will need to renew your certification once per year. If you do not renew in a timely manner, then you could face problems with your landlord or public transportation.


How To Get Back Your Pet Deposits


It is always normal to expect a landlord to charge you extra when it comes to security deposit for your apartment or rented house if there is your dog, cat or even a pet tortoise moving in with you. The purpose behind taking these deposits is for insurance in case you end up incurring any damage to the landlord’s property. While paying the security deposit is quite a norm at the time of signing the lease, getting every penny back of that deposit, provided that you did not end up burning down the house, at the time of moving out of the house is also a mandatory process.

While house owners almost never hold back security deposits, the same cannot be said for the deposits that you had to pay because of your pet. This is due to the fact that animals tend to be messier than humans and the land owner always lives under the fear of having to clean up that mess once you are out of the house.

Here are a few tips as to how you can make sure that you get back your pet deposits:

Clean up in advance

If your landlord does not come across any mess made by your pet or pets, he will not have anything to complain about. To ensure that the rented apartment is squeaky clean by the time you hand over your keys back to the landlord once your lease is up, it is always wise to shift your pet elsewhere for a while, maybe have your neighbor or relative take care of him. You can use this time to wipe clean all the mess caused due to your pet, while making sure that it cannot cause any renewed headaches for you around the house.


Go over each and every corner of the apartment, covering up any holes or bite marks left by your dog, either with paint or any other convenient substitute. Last but not the least, spray a ton of room freshener all around the house to help eliminate even the memory of any pet having inhabited the place. After you have done it all, graciously offer your landlord a walk through so that he might have the opportunity of inspecting everything up to his satisfaction.

Have a written proof

Regardless of whether your landlord is your best friend or not, any business deal should have everything down in writing. This includes the clause about pet deposits. Before your have made the deposits, make sure that you get it writing that after your lease is up, your landlord will be bound by law to pay back every cent of your deposits including the part you are to pay for having your pet stay in his house with you. A couple of weeks before you know the deadline of your lease is approaching, call up your landlord to remind him about the security deposit and casually slip in the deposits that you made for your pet as well. If he acts defensive or starts ignoring you, write a formal letter to him letting him know that if he does not get back to you regarding the deposits, you will be forced to take action against him.


Pets are helpful to reduce mental stress


Owning any pet animal can lessen loneliness and despair which becomes common as we get older. As we become older, we want to feel loved and also cared for. Even though family may offer us with such feelings as well as emotions, one of the ideal ways of feeling appreciated is by having a favorite pet. Such pets can be canine or also feline forms or also other pet choices. In addition to these feelings, the pets bring a change to the lifestyle of a human being.

Animal-based therapy engages pets for depression. Here, the animals like horses or dogs, fishes, cats etc are used to interrelate with persons suffering from problems like schizophrenia, despair, nervousness problems, eating troubles, lack of attention, hyperactivity disorder and a lot of developmental problems. The pets thus can improve mood and lessen anxiety.pets for depression

The latest researches have shown that the individuals having pets can get the following benefits-

  • An individual who has pets are less likely to face depression than those who are without pets.
  • Individuals with pets have lower blood pressure in traumatic conditions than those with no pets.
  • Playing with any pet animal can raise amount of serotonin as well as dopamine that help to appease and calm down.
  • Pet owners who have crossed 65 year make 30 % less visits to their physicians than those without pets.
  • Even viewing fishes in an aquarium can assist to decrease muscle tension and lesser pulse rate.


  • Increasing of exercise-By taking a dog or any pet animal for a walk, or riding your horse, or just chasing a kitten nearby are the amazing ways to remain healthy just as any daily exercise in your schedule. Many researchers have proved that dog owners, for instance, are far more likely to get their daily exercise necessities than the non-owners.
  • Providing company- Isolation and aloneness can make many disorders as depression to become worse. This caring for any living animal may help you to feel relax, and take the mind away from your troubles, particularly if you live alone. Many pet owners speak to their pets; some also utilize them to work through their problems. And to beat loneliness nothing is better than coming home to a waving tail or a purring cat.
  • Helping to meet new individuals- Pets can be a best social partner for their owners. The dog owners often stop and talk to one other while walking. Pet owners moreover meet new public in pet stores, associations, and training classes.
  • Removes depression- One can use pets for depression reduction. The companionship of a pet such as a dog can provide comfort, aid to ease anxiety, and create self-confidence for those who feel uneasy in going out into this world.
  • Adding structure and schedule to your day- Most pets, mainly dogs, need a habitual feeding along with exercise schedule. Regardless of your mood—dejected, anxious, or tensed—you will always need to get out of your bed to feed them, exercise, and take care for them.
  • Giving sensory strain relief- Movement is a healthy means to quickly control stress. It could engage petting any animal, taking him for a walk and so on.

How to differ depression from anxiety


Very often depression and anxiety are being regarded as having a powerful link in between them. The best method to recognize the dissimilarity between the two problems is to start with the main mental symptoms.

Symptoms of anxiety:

  • Nervousness over what is about to occur and what could come about in the future.
  • Anxious thoughts or a feeling that anything could go wrong.
  • A sense you have to run away or keep away from things that could lead to further nervousness.

Symptoms of depression:

  • Sense of unhappiness concerning the future, even though it is pointless.
  • Lethargy, and a lack of confidence that positive things will come about.
  • Little concern, but instead a belief of future pessimistic emotions. Probable suicidal thoughts.

The individuals with anxiety often get themselves feeling as something worst might occur and they are concerned about it. Those with despair often guess a bad prospect and do not expect anything else.

depression and anxietyDepression can crop up after someone faces anxiety, since a person who deals with extreme anxiety can end up feeling hopeless when their anxiety attack is ended. This is why the two situations can be hard to tell apart. Likewise, those having depression can yet fear particular things becoming worse.

Physical signs may be very different also although again, there are some similarities. The anxiety and the depression can make you feeling fatigued. However in the case of mainly anxiety, it is likely to occur after severe anxiety, whereas with depression it is possibly to be steadier, without essentially any triggers. The physical symptoms for anxiety are

  • Fight response symptoms, for example shaking or sweating, wishing to run or move.
  • The physical symptom that is similar to health disorders, particularly if accompanied with physical worries.
  • Very fast heart speed, bowel problems, hyperventilation, and some other energy related symptoms.

Physical symptoms of depression:

  • Extreme lack of energy or force.
  • A large effect on appetite, cause headaches, and problems of sleep.

Depression in fact tends to have less physical symptoms, but the psychological symptoms can be very dangerous and lead to suicidal thoughts and the lack of energy becomes so evident that many patients with depression handle intense struggles every day that surely exceeds the signs of anxiety.

One of the causes that both of them have great things in common is for the reason that both lead to alterations in the function of neurotransmitter– particularly serotonin. Low amount of serotonin play a great role in both depression and anxiety. Dopamine as well as epinephrine has a role in both.

Owing to these neurotransmitters, they may also share the symptoms, and the two disorders can contribute to the growth of each other. The most familiar fact is anxiety, in due course causes depression. Thus, strong anxiety symptoms can generally lead to a sense of hopelessness that makes depressive signs, and if left unchecked it is probable that the depression can becomes further severe.

It is also significant to note that both of these disorders – because of the common neurotransmitters can feel natural, and therefore both often do not receive enough treatment. A person with depression always feels that the emotion he is having is true and the patients with anxiety also feels the same way.


Emotional support animals to help cope with depression


Depression can lead to some serious problems in dealing with activities related to social and domestic lives. Now, the severity of depression can differ from person to person. This severity is decided by finding out which symptoms the person is facing and how they are affecting his regular life.

What is moderate depression?

There are a few symptoms which are common in case of every depression. These are a marked lack of participation in pleasurable activities, a low temper, and a general sad mood which can or cannot be accompanied with bouts of crying. A marked reduction in self esteem causes a person to get less industrious; hence both the personal and professional fronts suffer. A person with a moderate depression may even start worrying too much about their work and subsequently underperform. He tends to get extra sensitive and cautious about getting hurt in personal relationships.moderate depression

How do I know if someone is facing moderate depression?

People with moderate depression frequently show actions that display how they feel. For instance, he neglects taking care of himself. He may not comb his hair or shave beard for days. The person regularly walks in a lethargic and grave style, bending his shoulders and bowing his head. He may tend to have a perpetual frown and sad eyes and an overall reserved expression. Unluckily there are people who are skillful at hiding their feelings. Therefore one can’t know if he is suffering from depression till it reaches the severe stage.


You can definitely call in sick if you are realizing you are suffering from moderately depression. Depression is a disease which needs medical treatment and guidance of a physician. Of course the dose of medicines will be lower in strength when compared to those of severe depression. Generally, a lifestyle change is advised which can have a positive effect on mind and body.

One of the latest research shows that assistance of animals can go a long way in helping people to cope with depression. In fact, this form of treatment has now achieved a legal status.

How can emotional support animals help?

You should know that these animals are not exactly pets. They are not given a specialized training to help you overcome depression or to reduce your stress. They are generally called in for company because researches show that having an animal around helps people to deal with loneliness which is one of the most common reason for depression occurring at the first place. You can watch an Emotional Support Animal at play or cuddle up to it for comfort and all these have a therapeutic effect.

It is important to note that they are different from ‘service animals’ because a pet called in for emotional support and companionship does not fall into that category. They play a good part in helping a person to improve his physical, mental and cognitive makeup by relieving the guider of his stressful situations.

There are official websites available online which can be contacted to call in for Emotional support animals.